I help immigrant & Balkan mama's feel less overwhelmed and worry less about their children's future.


Selma Bacevac, MA, LMHC


1.5 Gen Immigrant Mom

Mom & Child Mental Health Expert

Trauma Specialist

Are you a mama who...

  • was born in your home country but came to the States as a young child or teen?

  • wants to break transgenerational trauma cycles within your family?

  • wants to yell less, stay away from spanking and punishing your little ones?

  • desires to raise her children through a safe + secure connection?

  • wants to feel integrated without assimilating to the culture around you?

  • is working hard toward making sure her littles know their roots and heritage?

  • sometimes struggles to define your own parenting identity because it doesn't align with what you were taught?

  • seeks ways to stay connected to the homeland while raising a new generation?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, let's stay connected and learn more about each other!


Consultations & Workshops



My workshops are geared toward parents and professionals wanting more information on breaking transgenerational trauma, immigrant parenting, infant + toddler mental health, attachment and developmental trauma

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