Sisterhood Community 

An Expert-led healing community  for Balkan women


What is This?

A safe and brave expert-led community for all Balkan women who are on their intergenerational healing journey. 

Intergenerational Healing

A community of healing, identifying, and overcoming intergenerational trauma that has rooted itself in our Balkan culture. 

Cycle-Breaking & Boundaries

A community where you will feel understood and supported as you break cycles and set up healthy boundaries with your  Balkan family.

Balkan Inner-Child Healing

A community where learning to re-parent yourself through secure attachment, safety, and security is welcomed, supported, and validated. 

Conscious Parenting  Balkan Style

A community where Balkan moms and moms to be, learn & support each other on their conscious parenting journey as they share ways they are breaking away from toxic parenting styles.  


How Does This Work?

You become a member of the expert-led sisterhood community where you and other brave women like you have access to resources, tools, and each other. 



The organizer and administrator of the community is a licensed psychotherapist who specializes in treating intergenerational trauma with Balkan women.

Monthly Healing Webinars

Each month be part of a webinar where a Balkan healing professional comes and speaks to the community on topics related to the intergenerational healing journey.

Weekly Healing Circles

Each week have access and the ability to join a healing circle with other Balkan sisters where you engage in self-awareness and authenticity learning. 

Daily Healing Converasations

You will be part of a community of like-minded, brave, healing women. You will have the ability to be supported and support others on their healing journey.  

The Expert-Led Sisterhood Community Will Work Well For You If:

  • You are Balkan woman looking to heal intergenerational wounds.

  • You are serious about your healing journey.

  • You understand the importance of a healing space and healing community.

  • You are in need of additional supports.

The Expert-Led Sisterhood Community Will NOT Work For You If:

  • You are not a Balkan woman.

  • You are not genuinely looking to heal and get better.

  • You are not ready for your healing journey - just yet.

What If I am Already In Therapy?

  • If you are already in individual therapy, this community will serve as a booster and your way of being connected to the powerful healing inside a community - especially a community designed for Balkan women by a Balkan psychotherapist and healer. 

  • If you are not in individual therapy but need to be, please know that this community does not replace treatment. It can supplement it, but it can not replace it. 

  • If you are on the verge of deciding whether or not you need to be in individual therapy, this community and the resources, tools, and education it provides can help you make a better decision on and if you'd like to begin your therapy process. 

I Am Ready!
How Do I Sign Up?

24/7 community access and support 
Webinars and classes
Healing tools and resources at your fingertips
Healing circles and live QA sessions with a licensed psychotherapist
Access to a Balkan Healer Directory
All of this for a very small monthly payment of 27/month

Ready? Sign Up Here!
Cannot wait to have you join the safe and brave space for all of our Balkan sisters


My Promises To You


You will feel safe and secure inside this community.


Your time, contribution, resources, and presence are sacred to this community. 


This community will heal, honor and protect the sacredness of our true Balkan culture.


You will learn new skills and feel supported in your healing journey. 


This community will always be expert-led with tools, resources, and information based on sciences, research, and scientific evidence.


You will find healing and transformation inside this community. 


You will feel seen, heard, validated, and understood inside this community. 


You will find the information, education, and resources very relatable, easy to use, and helpful. 


You will grow, evolve, and be part of a movement of healing inside this community.


This community will always honor your involvement and care for you, your thoughts, and will validate your lived experiene. 

Frequently asked questions

Does the expert-led community membership renew automatically?

Yes, it does. Each month you will be charged the same membership fee.

Can I cancel my expert-led community membership anytime?

Yes. You have full control of this through the account you create when you sign up.

I am not Balkan. Can I still join becasue I resonate with all of the content?

At this time, the only members allowed into the expert-led community are Balkan women.

Are there any expectations of me when I join the expert-led community?

No. Once you join you will receive an email with the expert-led communitycommunity link. You will be asked to create a profile. You will get the best experience and best community healing through your engagement. However, there is zero expextation of how much you "need" to be engaged within the community. You come as you are - always.

What if I can't attend all the monthly workshops and classes on time?

The workshops are going to occur once a month. These workshops are going to be anywhere from 60-90 minutes. All the workshops and their material will be saved in a workshop space for you to watch anytime, for as many times as you want, for how long you want. There is no expectation to attend them live if you can not. The individuals who do attend live get the benefit of asking questions and receive personalized and live responses.

Can I join for myself and my mom, sister, etc.?

You will be able to create one profile under one membership. In order to get the best experience I ask that you join as individuals as you will engage with other members and find healing in community this way.

What if I can't attend the healing circles or parenting classes?

The healing circles and parenting classes will be offered 2x/week at different times to accommodate different time zones. If we find that a group of women needs to meet at a specific time, we will create a third offering. We are one healing community. We are all about collective healing and listening to the needs of the members of the community.

Do you offer refunds for any time I did not use up before I cancel my membership?

No. You will have access to the expert-led community for the entire month you paid. Once your membership expires, your access to the expert-led community will be removed.

Is this a safe LGBTQQIP2SAA space?

Yes. This space is for any Balkan woman who identifies as a female. You are what this safe and brave space needs, wants, and keeps safe.

Do I need to be in therapy to be part of the expert-led community?

No, you do not need to be in therapy. However this expert-led community does not replace your therapy with a licensed professional. If you are in therapy, this community will be a wonderful addition to your healing journey. A lot of the education provided by the psychotherapist in here will be helpful to share with your therapist in times you feel need to do so.