Meet Selma

Psychotherapist, Consultant, Educator, Mama

For over ten years, I have helped thousands of parents heal from trauma and parent through connection.


At Balkan Mama Therapy, it is my goal to help you heal your intergenerational wounds, learn how to parent through connection, and help you find healing.


When I work with families, I want them to know they are in good hands. I am a licensed psychotherapist with over ten years of experience.


I have specialized training in:

  • Trauma treatment

  • Attachment healing

  • Parent-child relationships

  • Infant and child mental health

  • Maternal mental health 

I was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia, and Herzegovina. In 1994 I became a refugee in Germany due to the war going on at home.  In 1997 my parents, brother, and I moved to the USA.

I became a psychotherapist because I wanted to give back to humanity.  Little did I know my journey would take me right back to working with Balkan families - and I would not have it any other way.

We have experienced so much trauma in the Balkans, and my life's mission is to help change that. I do not believe that there are terrible groups of people; I think that hurt people hurt people. 

Change begins within ourselves. Healing our wounds also heals our family, community, and society. We send healing to future generations, so they thrive vs. survive. This is why using conscious parenting is important.

The approach to my work is based on attachment and connection. I hold the view that every person in the Balkans has infinite worth. 
I help Balkan women heal their past traumas, break destructive intergenerational cycles.

I help Balkan mamas connect with their children during stressful parenting times. I help them find the resolve to challenging situations.

I help Balkan women re-learn how to love themselves, how to set boundaries they need to thrive, and how to have safe and secure relationships with others.

I would love to meet with you to see if I am an excellent fit to help you.  If this feels like a good place for you to receive help, please schedule a free consultation.